Anne Bradstreet: Meditation July 8th., 1656

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Meditation July 8th., 1656


I had a sore fit of fainting, which lasted 2 or 3 days, but not in that extremity which at first it took me, and so much the sorer it was to me because my dear husband was from home (who is my chiefest comforter on earth) but my God, who never failed me, was not absent but helped me and graciously manifested His love to me, which I dare not pass by without remembrance, that it may be a support to me when I shall have occasion to read this hereafter and to others that shall read it when I shall possess that I now hope for, that so they may be encouraged to trust in Him who is the only portion of His servants. O Lord, let me never forget Thy goodness, nor question Thy faithfulness to me, for Thou art my God, Thou hast said, and shall not I believe it? Thou hast given me a pledge of that inheritance Thou hast promised to bestow upon me. O never let Satan prevail against me, but strengthen my faith in Thee till I shall attain the end of my hopes, even the salvation of my soul. Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

What God is like to Him I serve?
What Saviour like to mine?
O never let me from Thee swerve,
For truly I am Thine.

My thankful mouth shall speak Thy praise,
My tongue shall talk of Thee;
On high my heart O do Thou raise
For what Thou'st done for me.

Go worldlings to your vanities,
And heathen to your gods;
Let them help in adversities
And sanctify their rods;

My God He is not like to yours
Yourselves shall judges be;
I find His love, I know His power—
A succorer of me

He is not man that He should lie,
Nor son of man to unsay;
His word He plighted hath on high,
And I shall live for aye.

And for His sake that faithful is,
That died but now doth live,
The first and last that lives for aye,
Me lasting life shall give.
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