Khandogya-Upanishad: Second Prapathaka, Ninth Khanda

Updated May 14, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Ninth Khanda

1. Let a man meditate on the sevenfold Saman as the sun. The sun is Saman, because he is always the same (Sama); he is Saman because he is the same, everybody thinking he looks towards me, he looks towards me.

2. Let him know that all beings are dependent on him (the sun). What he is before his rising, that is the hinkara. On it animals are dependent. Therefore animals say hin (before sunrise), for they share the hinkara of that Saman (the sun).

3. What he is when first risen, that is the prastava. On it men are dependent. Therefore men love praise (prastuti) and celebrity, for they share the prastiva of that Saman.

4. What he is at the time of the sangava, that is the Adi, the first, the Om. On it birds are dependent. Therefore birds fly about in the sky without support, holding themselves, for they share the adi (the Om) of that Saman.

5. What he is just at noon, that is the udgitha. On it the Devas are dependent (because they are brilliant). Therefore they are the best of all the descendants of Pragâpati, for they share the udgitha of that Saman.

6. What he is after midday and before afternoon, that is the pratihara. On it all germs are dependent. Therefore these, having been conceived (pratihrita), do not fall, for they share the pratihara of that Saman.

7. What he is after the afternoon and before sunset, that is the upadrava. On it the animals of the forest are dependent. Therefore, when they see a man, they run (upadravanti) to the forest as a safe hiding-place, for they share the upadrava of that Saman.

8. What he is when he first sets, that is the nidhana. On it the fathers are dependent. Therefore they put them down (nidadhati), for they share the nidhana of that Saman. Thus a man meditates on the sevenfold Saman as the sun.

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