Aitareya-Aranyaka: Second Aranyaka, First Adhyâya, First Khanda

Updated May 14, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

First Adhyâya

First Khanda

1. This is the path: this sacrifice, and this Brahman. This is the true.

2. Let no man swerve from it, let no man transgress it.

3. For the old (sages) did not transgress it, and those who did transgress, became lost.

4. This has been declared by a Rishi (Rv. VIII, 101, 14): “Three (classes of) people transgressed, others settled down round about the venerable (Agni, fire); the great (sun) stood in the midst of the worlds, the blowing (Vayu, air) entered the Harits (the dawns, or the ends of the earth).

5. When he says: “Three (classes of) people trangressed,” the three (classes of) people who trangressed are what we see here (on earth, born again) as birds, trees, herbs, and serpents.

6. When he says: “Others settled down round about the venerable,” he means those who now sit down to worship Agni (fire).

7. When he says: “The great stood in the midst of the worlds,” the great one in the midst of the world is meant for this Aditya, the sun.

8. When he says: “The blowing entered the Harits,” he means that Vayu, the air, the purifier, entered all the corners of the earth.

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