The Book of Sirach


  • Ch. 1: A Prologue made by an uncertain Author?
  • Ch. 2: My son, if thou come to serve the Lord, prepare?
  • Ch. 3: Hear me your father, O children, and do?
  • Ch. 4: My son, defraud not the poor of his living?
  • Ch. 5: Set thy heart upon thy goods; and say not, I have?
  • Ch. 6: Instead of a friend become not an enemy; for?
  • Ch. 7: Do no evil, so shall no harm come unto thee?
  • Ch. 8: Strive not with a mighty man? lest thou fall into?
  • Ch. 9: Be not jealous over the wife of thy bosom?
  • Ch. 10: A wise judge will instruct his people?
  • Ch. 11: Wisdom lifteth up the head of him that is of low?
  • Ch. 12: When thou wilt do good know to whom thou doest?
  • Ch. 13: He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled?
  • Ch. 14: Blessed is the man that hath not slipped with his?
  • Ch. 15: He that feareth the Lord will do good, and he?
  • Ch. 16: Desire not a multitude of unprofitable children?
  • Ch. 17: The Lord created man of the earth, and turned him?
  • Ch. 18: He that liveth for ever Hath created all things?
  • Ch. 19: A labouring man that A is given to drunkenness?
  • Ch. 20: There is a reproof that is not comely: again?
  • Ch. 21: My son, hast thou sinned? do so no more, but ask?
  • Ch. 22: A slothful man is compared to a filthy stone?
  • Ch. 23: O Lord, Father and Governor of all my whole life?
  • Ch. 24: Wisdom shall praise herself, and shall glory in?
  • Ch. 25: In three things I was beautified, and stood up?
  • Ch. 26: Blessed is the man that hath a virtuous wife, for?
  • Ch. 27: Many have sinned for a small matter; and he that?
  • Ch. 28: He that revengeth shall find vengeance from?
  • Ch. 29: He that is merciful will lend unto his neighbour?
  • Ch. 30: He that loveth his son causeth him oft to feel?
  • Ch. 31: Watching for riches consumeth the flesh?
  • Ch. 32: If thou be made the master of a feast, lift not?
  • Ch. 33: There shall no evil happen unto him that feareth?
  • Ch. 34: The hopes of a man void of understanding are vain?
  • Ch. 35: He that keepeth the law bringeth offerings?
  • Ch. 36: Have mercy upon us, O Lord God of all, and behold?
  • Ch. 37: Every friend saith, I am his friend also: but?
  • Ch. 38: Honour a physician with the honour due unto him?
  • Ch. 39: But he that giveth his mind to the law of?
  • Ch. 40: Great travail is created for every man, and an?
  • Ch. 41: O death, how bitter is the remembrance of thee to?
  • Ch. 42: Of these things be not thou ashamed, and accept?
  • Ch. 43: The pride of the height, the clear firmament?
  • Ch. 44: Let us now praise famous men, and our fathers?
  • Ch. 45: And he brought out of him a merciful man, which?
  • Ch. 46: Jesus the son a Nave was valiant in the wars?
  • Ch. 47: And after him rose up Nathan to prophesy in?
  • Ch. 48: Then stood up Elias the prophet as fire, and his?
  • Ch. 49: The remembrance of Josias is like the composition?
  • Ch. 50: Simon the high priest, the son of Onias, who in?
  • Ch. 51: I will thank thee, O Lord and King, and praise?