Part XIV. Various Authors

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A Dangerous Plan of Benefit only to the "Aristocratick Combination"
Scotland and England—A Case in Point
Adoption of the Constitution Will Lead to Civil War
The Power Vested in Congress of Sending Troops for Suppressing Insurrections Will Always Enable Them to Stifle the First Struggles of Freedom
A Consolidated Government is a Tyranny
Articles of Confederation Simply Requires Amendments, Particularly for Commercial Power and Judicial Power; Constitution Goes Too Far
The Use of Coercion by the New Government (Part I)
The Use of Coercion by the New Government (Part II)
The Use of Coercion by the New Government (Part III)
Objections to National Control of the Militia
A Virginia Antifederalist on the Issue of Taxation
Federal Taxing Power Must be Restrained
Some Reactions to Federalist Arguments
Appearance and Reality—The Form is Federal; The Effect is National
What Congress Can Do; What A State Can Not
Powers of National Government Dangerous to States
No Separation of Departments Results in No Responsibility
On Constitutional Conventions—Part I
Do Checks and Balances Really Secure the Rights of the People?
On the Guarantee of Congressional Biennial Elections
A Plea for the Right of Recall
Apportionment and Slavery: Northern and Southern Views
The Danger of Congressional Control of Elections
Will the Constitution Promote the Interests of Favorite Classes?
On the Organization and Powers of the Senate—Part IV
From North Carolina
The Presidential Term of Office
On the Electoral College; On Reeligibility of the President
Presidential Veto Power
The President as Military King
How Will the New Government Raise Money?
Treaty-making Provisions of the Constitution
The Expense of the New Government
The Expense of the New Government
Rhode Island is Right!
Europeans Admire and Federalists Decry the Present System
What Does History Teach? (Part 2)
Evils Under Confederation Exaggerated; Constitution Must Be Drastically Revised Before Adoption
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