William Shakespeare: Henry VIII, Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae

  • King Henry the Eighth
  • Cardinal Wolsey
  • Cardinal Campeius
  • Capucius, Ambassador from the Emperor Charles V.
  • Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • Duke of Norfolk
  • Duke of Buckingham
  • Duke of Suffolk
  • Earl of Surrey
  • Lord Chamberlain
  • Lord Chancellor
  • Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester.
  • Bishop of Lincoln.
  • Lord Abergavenny
  • Lord Sands
  • Sir Henry Guildford
  • Sir Thomas Lovell
  • Sir Anthony Denny
  • Sir Nicholas Vaux
  • Secretaries to Wolsey.
  • Cromwell, Servant to Wolsey.
  • Griffith, Gentleman-usher to Queen Katharine.
  • Three Gentlemen.
  • Doctor Butts, Physician to the King.
  • Garter King-at-Arms.
  • Surveyor to the Duke of Buckingham.
  • Brandon
  • A Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • Door-keeper of the Council-chamber. Porter, and his Man.
  • Page to Gardiner.
  • A Crier.
  • Queen Katharine Wife to King Henry, afterwards
  • divorced.
  • Anne Bullen, her Maid of Honour, afterwards Queen.
  • An old Lady, friend to Anne Bullen.
  • Patience, woman to Queen Katharine.
  • Several Lords and Ladies in the Dumb Shows; Women attending upon the Queen; Scribes, Officers, Guards, and other Attendants.
  • Spirits.


London; Westminster; Kimbolton

King Henry VIII

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