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Awards Since Our Debut

The Information Please family of almanacs has a reputation for accuracy, proven in print for more than fifty years. Since its debut in February 1998, has continued to live up to the legacy of its print counterparts, receiving recognition as an information resource online.

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Critical Acclaim

Surfing the Net with Kids

Awarded 5 stars (out of 5)—"Spectacular!"

"It's an almanac. It's a dictionary. It's an encyclopedia. It's Information Please: one-stop shopping for all your information needs. This site integrates the various Information Please Almanacs (sports, entertainment and general knowledge) with Random House Webster's College Dictionary and the Columbia Encyclopedia. It can be navigated by the integrated search function, or you can browse the almanacs by navigating topics. Be sure to test out the fun and useful HotWords. Highlight any word on any Infoplease page, and then click the Hotwords button for a definition and links to related encyclopedia articles.”

The April Fool's Day feature was selected as an official ClickOfTheDay site. Sites are chosen on the basis of impressive design and originality


Family PC Magazine

Family PC Recommended site

"Testers praised its fun trivia-packed sections and raved about two features in particular - Today in History and Facts Behind the News.”


Wall Street Executive Library

Best of the Net 2001 was selected by the Wall Street Executive Library as a "Best of the Net" site.


The New Yorker

Web Sightings: An idiosyncratic list of our favorite online haunts

"Enthusiasts of the on-line Encyclopedia Britannica my claim that the Internet needs no other reference works. Not so…If you need quick access to a dictionary, almanac, or atlas, bypass Britannica for Information Please. The site has daily news and weather, a special section for kids, and a satisfying collection of capsule biographies that span entertainment, sports politics, and more.


Chicago Tribune

Maps on Net Ease Travel to Anywhere

"This mega-reference site [] for elementary students combines a user-friendly format with flashy graphics. Pages are packed with data on everything from dragons and giants to the latest dinosaur discoveries."



100 Best Sites 2000

"Reference Desk - Throw out those bulky reference books. Instead, look up meanings of words, flip through encyclopedia entries and more online. This is the digital edition of the standard desktop reference.


Life Skills 4 Kids

Web Discoveries: for teachers, parents & kids

"Wow, I wish they had this when *I* was a kid. . . The Kid's Almanac is a treasure trove of interesting facts, links, news articles, scientific information and history. . . We suggest sitting with your child to explore this site together - you'll both learn a lot and have a ball!"


The New York Times

"The Homerwork Center is a strong, reliable solution to homework trouble..."


Yahoo! Internet Life

101 Most Incredibly Useful Sites

Answer a Trivia Question: "What is the state flower of Alabama? You'll find the answer to such basic (yet puzzling) questions as this at the online version of this enduring reference. Most useful is its Fact Finder, a searching tool you get to keep at your virtual side as you browse the Web. (Oh — the answer is, of course, the camellia.)"


The Internet Public Library's Resource of the Week

"The IPL Resource of the Week is chosen by the IPL staff on the basis of usefulness, content, style, and general coolness.


Baltimore Business Journal's Website of the Week

"What is the currency of Nepal? This brand new website is intended to help you find answers to questions just like that. The site is an online encyclopedia started by Information Please, headquartered in Boston. The site was named recently by Yahoo! as its website pick of the week.

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