Extempore In The Court Of Session


Lord Advocate

      He clenched his pamphlet in his fist,      He quoted and he hinted,      Till, in a declamation-mist,      His argument he tint it:      He gaped for't, he graped for't,      He fand it was awa, man;      But what his common sense came short,      He eked out wi' law, man. 

Mr. Erskine

      Collected, Harry stood awee,      Then open'd out his arm, man;      His Lordship sat wi' ruefu' e'e,      And ey'd the gathering storm, man:      Like wind-driven hail it did assail'      Or torrents owre a lin, man:      The Bench sae wise, lift up their eyes,      Half-wauken'd wi' the din, man.