Music Producer / Singer
Date Of Birth:
27 January 1968
Place Of Birth:
Bristol, England
Best Known As:
Gravel-voiced producer of trip-hop records

Name at birth: Adrian Thawes

In the early '90s Tricky (known at first as Tricky Kid) recorded with fellow Bristol musicians in the group Massive Attack. In 1995 he recorded his first solo album, Maxinquaye, and was part of the early sound dubbed "trip-hop," a dark, bass-driven blend of rap, funk and electronica. More of a producer than a musician, Tricky recorded albums in collaboration with several other artists and was hailed by the critics, if not appreciated by a wide audience. In 2001 he released Blowback, a conscious attempt to be more "accessible."

Extra Credit:

Tricky appears as the henchman Right Arm in the 1997 science fiction film The Fifth Element.

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