Trace Cyrus

Rock Musician
Date Of Birth:
24 February 1989
Place Of Birth:
Ashland, Kentucky
Best Known As:
Lead singer for the band Metro Station
The brother of TV and music star Miley Cyrus, Trace Cyrus is a singer and guitarist who once fronted the punk-pop band Metro Station. A high-school dropout with tattoos of skulls and flowers spreading down his arms, Trace offered a teen image just slightly different from his sister's famously wholesome look when she was a Disney Channel sweetheart. Trace and guitarist Mason Musso began playing together in 2006, and formed Metro Station the same year with drummer Anthony Improgo and keyboardist Blake Healy. The band released its self-titled debut album in 2007, and the single "Shake It" was a hit in 2008. Trace left the band in 2010, joined again in 2014 (they made a second album), and eventually drifted to a solo career, while occasionally appearing with his family members, Miley and Billy Ray. After a couple of failed albums as Ashland High, Trace apparently dropped out of showbiz by 2019. Trace is the son of Leticia Finley and Baxter Neal Helson; Leticia later married country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who adopted and helped raise Trace.
Extra Credit:

Trace Cyrus has the words ‘Stay Gold’ tattooed across the knuckles of both hands. The phrase comes from the S.E. Hinton novel The Outsiders, and is inspired by a poem by Robert Frost… Trace Cyrus is the biological half-sister of Miley Cyrus — they share a mother and have different biological fathers.

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