Profile of Suzanne Somers

Date Of Birth:
16 October 1946
Place Of Birth:
San Bruno, California

Name at birth: Suzanne Marie Mahoney

Suzanne Somers played the silly Chrissy Snow on the TV sitcom Three's Company. Considered racy for its day, the sitcom featured Somers sharing a co-ed apartment with roommates Janet Dawson (Joyce DeWitt) and Jack Tripper (John Ritter); the show ran from 1977-1984, with Somers starring from 1977-80. Somers became a popular Big Blonde in TV movies like Zuma Beach (1978) and Hollywood Wives (1985). In the 1990's she re-emerged as an infomercial spokeswoman for an exercise product called the Thighmaster, then developed her own line of diet and exercise products. In March of 2001 Somers announced that she was receiving treatment for breast cancer.

Extra Credit:

Somers was the mysterious blonde in the Thunderbird pursued by Richard Dreyfuss in the 1972 movie American Graffiti (directed by George Lucas)… Somers played herself in the 1991 TV movie Keeping Secrets, an account of her childhood with an alcoholic and abusive father.