Roberto Benigni

Actor / Filmmaker
Date Of Birth:
27 October 1952
Place Of Birth:
Misericordia, Italy
Best Known As:
The writer/director/star of Life is Beautiful
Roberto Benigni is an Italian filmmaker who became world famous after he wrote, directed and starred in the international hit film Life is Beautiful (1997). The film won an Oscar for best foreign film, and Begnini won an Oscar as best actor. In 1991, Benigni's comedy Johnny Stecchino was hugely successful in Italy, and he slowly became familiar to American audiences through minor roles in Down By Law (1986, directed by Jim Jarmusch) and Night on Earth (1991). Since Life is Beautiful, Benigni's films include the ambitious production of Pinocchio (2002, with Begnini as Pinocchio), a role in Woody Allen's To Rome With Love (2012) and another film of Pinocchio (2019, as Gepetto).
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