Prince Hisahito

Date Of Birth:
6 September 2006
Place Of Birth:
Tokyo, Japan
Best Known As:
The most recent male heir to the imperial throne of Japan
Prince Hisahito is the son of Prince Akishino of Japan and his wife, Princess Kiko. Hisahito's birth was a newsworthy event in Japan: he was the first male heir born to the imperial family in over 40 years, since the birth of his father Prince Akishino in 1965. Because Japanese law prohibits females from succeeding to the imperial throne, the child's birth eased a heated national discussion about potential changes to the law. Hisahito is now third in line to the imperial throne, after his uncle, Crown Prince Naruhito, and Prince Akishino.
Extra Credit:

Hisahito was born by Caesarian section, and weighed 2,558 grams (about 5.6 pounds)… The prince has two older sisters: Princess Mako (b. 1991) and Princess Kako (b. 1994)… The name Hisahito means “virtuous, calm and everlasting,” the Imperial Household Agency announced at his formal naming ceremony on 12 September 2006.

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