Paula Jones

Scandal Figure
Date Of Birth:
17 September 1966
Place Of Birth:
Lonoke, Arkansas
Best Known As:
She sued President Clinton for sexual harassment

Name at birth: Paula Rosalee Corbin

According to Paula Corbin Jones, in 1991 she was escorted to the hotel room of Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, where he crudely propositioned her. An employee for the State of Arkansas, Jones kept quiet about the incident until 1994. What compelled her to tell her story was an article by David Brock in a conservative magazine, The American Spectator, which made her out to be a willing participant in Clinton's extra-marital activities. To set the record straight, Jones filed a lawsuit against Clinton in May of 1994, alleging that her rebuff had led to sexual harassment on the job. Although the original suit was dismissed, lawyers (funded largely by conservative think-tank The Rutherford Institute) had introduced testimony of other Clinton affairs, and Monica Lewinsky's name came up. Clinton's lie that he did not have relations with Lewinsky led to his impeachment in 1998. Jones, who settled her suit with Clinton for $850,000, now claims that she was victimized by both Clinton and his Republican opponents. She has since appeared nude in Penthouse and Playboy and appeared with Tonya Harding on Fox TV's Celebrity Boxing.

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