Mary-Kate Olsen

Date Of Birth:
13 June 1986
Place Of Birth:
Sherman Oaks, California
Best Known As:
The younger of the famous Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister Ashley Olsen are two of the most successful child stars in television history. Their shared role on the TV show Full House (1987-95), where they played the adorable tyke Michelle, won them legions of fans who then followed them into their teen years. By age 15 the Olsen Twins had created a minor empire of TV movies, videos, books, magazines and clothes, and by age 18 they were worth a reported $300 million. They appeared in films such as How The West Was Fun (1994), Getting There (2002) and New York Minute (2004) as well as the short-lived television series Two of a Kind (1998-99). They entered New York University together in 2004 and became gossip-column favorites as they embraced Manhattan parties, fashions, and mascara. Mary-Kate had been treated earlier that year for an eating disorder that was presumed to be anorexia nervosa, though the exact nature of her illness was never confirmed publicly. She left school in 2005 to focus on her fashion and business interests, and returned to acting in 2007 with a recurring role on the cable show Weeds as a evangelical suburban wild child.

Extra Credit:

Mary-Kate Olsen was in the news after the prescription drug-related death of actor Heath Ledger; the masseuse who found Ledger’s body called Olsen before calling 911. Olsen later said she and Ledger were friends but denied any involvement in the drugs or his death. Mary-Kate Olsen did not own the apartment where Heath Ledger died, as was mistakenly reported in the days after his death… Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen look nearly alike, but are actually fraternal twins; Mary-Kate is a few minutes younger, and slightly shorter, than Ashley.

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