Marie Osmond

Actor / Singer
Date Of Birth:
13 October 1959
Place Of Birth:
Ogden, Utah
Best Known As:
The co-star of TV's The Donny and Marie Show

Name at birth: Olive Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond wasn't yet born when her older brothers began singing on radio and TV as The Osmond Brothers; she made her debut with her brothers at age 3 on The Andy Williams Show. Marie Osmond made her own splash at age 13 when her single "Paper Roses" went to #`1 on the country charts and won her a Grammy nomination for best new artist. She and her older brother Donny had another hit in 1974 with "Morning Side of the Mountain," and in 1976 they joined forces for the weekly TV variety series The Donny and Marie Show. Marie was wholesome, cute and peppy (much like Donny); their show, filled with cheerful music and corny jokes, ran from 1976-81. Marie Osmond couldn't quite parlay her early fame into A-list stardom; the Osmond film Goin' Coconuts (1978) was a flop, and throughout the 1980s and 1990s she appeared in a smattering of TV movies. She also had modest continued success on the country charts, with albums including There's No Stopping Your Heart (1986) and All In Love (1988). She filled in as Anna during a Broadway revival of The King and I in 1997, and she and Donny co-hosted a TV talk show, Donny and Marie, from 1998-2000. She made it to the finals on Dancing With the Stars in 2007, and in September 2008 she and Donny launched still another Donny and Marie show, this one a nightly stage show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas which ran for more than a decade. Marie Osmond's 2001 book Behind the Smile detailed her struggles with post-partum depression, and she published a follow-up book, Might As Well Laugh About It Now, in 2009.
Extra Credit:

Marie Osmond has eight brothers and no sisters… Olive is also the name of Marie’s mother… Marie Osmond has been married three times: to Stephen Craig from 1982-85, to record producer Brian Blosil from 1986-2007, and then again to Stephen Craig in 2011. Both of the first two marriages ended in divorce. She has one son with Stephen Craig, and seven more children with Brian Blosil.

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