Lyle Lovett

Country Singer / Songwriter
Date Of Birth:
1 November 1957
Place Of Birth:
Klein, Texas
First pegged as a country singer, Lyle Lovett later developed into a pop icon and Texas troubadour. A songwriter and guitarist with a reserved and sometimes melancholy style, Lovett's albums display a unique blend of country, jazz, swing and pop. During the 1990s his tours with the whimsically-named Large Band won a loyal audience, and he briefly rose to tabloid-level fame for his marriage to actress Julia Roberts (1993-95). His albums include Joshua Judges Ruth (1992), The Road to Ensenada (1996), Step Inside This House (1998) and It's Not Big It's Large (2007). Lovett also has a side career in Hollywood, adding songs to soundtracks and appearing on camera in small roles. He's done songs for Mumford (1999) and Dr. T and the Women (2000, starring Richard Gere), and appeared in the Robert Altman films The Player (1992, with Whoopi Goldberg), Short Cuts (1993) and Cookie's Fortune (1999).
Extra Credit:

Lovett sang “Texas River Song” at the memorial service of his friend John Denver… Lovett is a well-known motorcycle enthusiast.