Jim Caviezel

Date Of Birth:
26 September 1968
Place Of Birth:
Mt. Vernon, Washington
Best Known As:
Star of 2004's The Passion of the Christ
After a variety of small roles in the early 1990s, Jim Caviezel wowed audiences and critics as the contemplative (and AWOL) Private Witt in 1998's The Thin Red Line (starring Nick Nolte and Sean Penn). An earnest actor famous for his soulful eyes, Caviezel went on to earn leading roles in films such as Frequency (2000, co-starring Dennis Quaid), Angel Eyes (2001, with Jennifer Lopez) and The Count of Monte Cristo (2002, based on the classic by Alexandre Dumas). In 2004 he appeared as Jesus in the Mel Gibson-directed film The Passion of the Christ, but the spotlight didn't seem to agree with him. Since then he's appeared in lower-profile roles, specializing in moody dramas. His other work includes the Denzel Washington movie Deja Vu (2006), the 2009 remake of the televison series The Prisoner (co-starring Ian McKellen) and the 2011 series Person of Interest.
Extra Credit:

Caviezel was struck by lightning during the filming of The Passion of the Christ, but was reportedly unharmed.

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