Angel Eyes

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Luis Mandoki
Writer:Gerald DiPego
Warner Bros.; R; 110 minutes
Cast:Jennifer Lopez, Jim Caviezel, Victor Argo

The director of Message in a Bottle returns to the screen with Angel Eyes. The respectable new film mixes romance with the seemingly supernatural, further proof that The Sixth Sense's overarching message that “ghosts are people too” is here to stay, even if only a conceit to be toyed with. For Angel Eyes is stuck on Earth, where people are only haunted by other flesh-and-blood beings.

Sharon (Jennifer Lopez) is a tough cop who doesn't relate well to others. She rescues Catch (Jim Caviezel) from a terrible car crash, and a year later this doleful wanderer saves Sharon from an attacker. The encounter sparks a slow-moving but well-developed relationship. A deep bond unites the pair, and the actors' talent furthers this into a complex romance between two injured individuals. Lopez has already proved herself a gifted actress; this role chalks up another success for the multitalented star.

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