Jason Bateman

Date Of Birth:
14 January 1969
Place Of Birth:
Rye, New York
Best Known As:
Michael Bluth on TV's Arrested Development
TV veteran Jason Bateman was Michael Bluth, the semi-sane center of the oddball family in Arrested Development (2003-06), and then Marty Byrde, the not-so-honest center of the criminal family in Ozark (2017-2020). He started off his career in TV with Little House on the Prairie (1981-82), and he hit his stride as a popular co-star of Silver Spoons (1982-84). That led to his own short-lived series, lots of guest roles and, to wind up the decade, a regular role on Valerie's Family (1986-91). He appeared in TV movies and guest roles during the 1990s, but spent most of his time living off the fruits of his teen labors. His anchoring job on Arrested Development put Bateman in the spotlight again, despite that show's initial inability to reach a broad audience. Bateman's since taken on more big-screen roles, usually playing a boyish, comically befuddled straight-man. His films include Smokin' Aces (2006, starring Jeremy Piven), Juno (2007, starring Ellen Page), Hancock (2008, starring Will Smith), Up in the Air (2009, starring George Clooney) and Horrible Bosses (2011, with Jennifer Aniston). In 2020 he appeared in the television series The Outsider, based on the novel by Stephen King.
Extra Credit:

Bateman’s sister, Justine, was also a 1980s TV star. She played Michael J. Fox‘s sister on Family Ties (1982-89).

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