Elisha Cuthbert

Date Of Birth:
30 November 1982
Place Of Birth:
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Best Known As:
Jack Bauer's daughter, Kim, on TV's 24
Elisha Cuthbert is known to TV viewers as Kim Bauer, the perpetually-in-peril daughter of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), in the TV series 24. Cuthbert was a regular on the show from 2001-2004, and continued to make guest appearances through the end of the show's run in 2009. Early in her career, Elisha Cuthbert appeared in the educational TV series Popular Mechanics for Kids (1997-2000), and in Canadian feature films such as Airspeed (1998) and Time at the Top (1999). Since the success of 24 she has appeared on the big screen in the comedies Old School (2003, as the boss's underage daughter), Love Actually (2003, starring Hugh Grant) and The Girl Next Door (2004, with Emile Hirsch). She also appeared with Paris Hilton in the 2005 horror film House of Wax; both women were among Maxim magazine's "Hottest Girls of 2004." Her other films include He Was a Quiet Man (2007, starring Christian Slater), and her other television work includes The Forgotten (2010, also with Slater).
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