Danny Bonaduce

Actor / Radio Personality
Date Of Birth:
13 August 1959
Place Of Birth:
Broomall, Pennsylvania

Name at birth: Dante Daniel Bonaduce

He started in show business at the age of four, but it was his role as red-haired, smart-aleck Danny Partridge in TV's The Partridge Family (1970-74, also starring Shirley Jones and David Cassidy) that made Danny Bonaduce a star at the age of 10. The luster of stardom wore off in the 1980s and Danny Bonaduce became famous for his tabloid-ready lifestyle, including widely reported substance abuse and a notorious 1991 incident in which he beat up a transvestite. Even the marriage that he credits with setting him straight was tabloid fodder: Bonaduce and his wife, Gretchen, married seven hours after first meeting each other in 1990. Later in that decade Bonaduce found a new career in radio, and he hosted shows in Chicago, Detroit and New York before landing a gig on KYSR in Los Angeles as the co-host of "The Jamie and Danny Show." A semi-reformed bad boy, Bonaduce became a family man and a regular member of the syndicated talk show The Other Half (with Dick Clark). Known for embracing and exploiting his peculiar brand of celebrity, he released an autobiography, Random Acts of Badness (2001) and appeared on Fox TV's Celebrity Boxing, duking it out with Barry Williams (former cast member of television's The Brady Bunch). Since then Bonaduce has been a repeat offender in the world of reality television.
Extra Credit:

After The Partridge Family ended, Danny Bonaduce reprised the voice role of Danny for a season of the futuristic animated series The Partridge Family, 2200 A.D. on ABC? His 2005 cable TV reality show, Breaking Bonaduce, was notorious for Danny Bonaduce?s (unsuccessful) off-camera suicide attempt.

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