Bill Evans

Composer / Jazz Musician / Pianist
Date Of Birth:
16 August 1929
Date Of Death:
15 September 1980
Place Of Birth:
Plainfield, New Jersey
Best Known As:
One of the all-time greats on jazz piano
Bill Evans studied classical music and composition, but started playing jazz in the 1950s. He began recording in 1956, and in 1958 was invited to play piano for the Miles Davis quintet. Davis and Evans shared an interest in European composers and together they experimented with structure and improvisation, resulting in the classic and influential album Kind of Blue. Evans left the quintet and founded his own trio, worked with several different combos and continued to experiment. A popular and critical success, he recorded dozens of albums, including Everybody Digs Bill Evans (1958 ) and Conversations With Myself (1963), in which he accompanied himself through double- and triple-track recording. Today he is considered one of the most distinctive and influential jazz pianists of all time.
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