Bat Boy

Fictional Character
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Best Known As:
Pointy-toothed mascot of Weekly World News

Described as a mysterious mix of chiroptera and human, Bat Boy was a regular character appearing in the pages of the veracity-challenged tabloid Weekly World News, as well as the subject of the theatrical production Bat Boy: The Musical. In 1992 the tabloid reported that a strange creature called the Bat Boy had been found in a cave in the mountains of West Virginia. At the time he was described as being three or four years old, with fangs, a bald head, "enormous amber eyes" and ears "like satellite dishes." Bat Boy appeared many times in the pages of the now-defunct Weekly World News, including as a thorn in the side of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. Bat Boy's popularity helped launch a musical, which debuted off-Broadway in 2001 and has been described as a cross between My Fair Lady and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Extra Credit:

Bat Boy is unrelated to the comic book hero Batman.

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