Amanda Bynes

Date Of Birth:
3 April 1986
Place Of Birth:
Thousand Oaks, California
Best Known As:
The star of TV's What I Like About You
Actress Amanda Bynes is the teen star whose strange public antics led to an arrest for reckless endangerment in 2013, ending a very active film and TV career. Amanda Bynes was already a comedy veteran by the time she became a teenager, having performed for years on Nickelodeon's shows All That (1996-2000) and The Amanda Show (1999-2002), where her skill at broad comedy earned her comparisons to Lucille Ball. She made the leap to the big screen in 2002 as Frankie Muniz's co-star in Big Fat Liar, and starred in 2003's What a Girl Wants (co-starring Kelly Preston). Bynes also starred in the cable TV comedy series What I Like About You (2002-06). In 2006 she played opposite Channing Tatum in She's the Man, a takeoff on Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night, and in 2007 she appeared in the movie version of the musical based on John Waters's Hairspray (2007, with Zac Efron). After her arrest in 2013, Bynes retired from acting. She has since been in and out of rehab centers. Her other films include Sydney White (2007) and Easy A (2010, starring Emma Stone).
Extra Credit:

In 2013 Amanda Bynes seemed to encounter mental turmoil, appearing in public in stringy wigs and acting erratically, and posting odd tweets like “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” and “I Want A Million Dollars A Year For Illegally Having My Mind Read And Privacy Stolen.” She was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after allegedly throwing a bong out the window of her 36th-floor Manhattan apartment on 23 May 2013; in July, sheriff’s deputies took her in for involuntary psychiatric review (a so-called “5150 hold”) after she reportedly acted strangely and set a gasoline fire in a driveway in Thousand Oaks, California.

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