World Cup Shootouts

Introduced in 1982; winning sides in bold type.

Year Round Final SO
1982 Semi W. Germany vs. France 3-3 (5-4)
1986 Quarter Belgium vs. Spain 1-1 (5-4)
Quarter France vs. Brazil 1-1 (4-3)
Quarter W. Germany vs. Mexico 0-0 (4-1)
1990 Second Ireland vs. Romania 0-0 (5-4)
Quarter Argentina vs. Yugoslavia 0-0 (3-2)
Semi Argentina vs. Italy 1-1 (4-3)
Semi W. Germany vs. England 1-1 (4-3)
1994 Second Bulgaria vs. Mexico 1-1 (3-1)
Quarter Sweden vs. Romania 2-2 (5-4)
Final Brazil vs. Italy 0-0 (3-2)
1998SecondArgentina vs. England2-2(4-3)
QuarterFrance vs. Italy0-0(4-3)
2002SecondSpain vs. Ireland1-1(3-2)
QuarterSo. Korea vs. Spain0-0(5-3)
2006SecondUkraine vs. Switzerland0-0(3-0)
QuarterGermany vs. Argentina1-1(4-2)
QuarterPortugal vs. England0-0(3-1)
FinalItaly vs. France1-1(5-3)
2010SecondParaguay vs. Japan0-0(5-3)
QuarterUruguay vs. Ghana1-1(4-2)
2014SecondBrazil vs. Chile1-1 (3-2)
SecondCosta Rica vs. Greece1-1(5-3)
QuarterNetherlands vs. Costa Rica0-0(4-3)
SemiArgentina vs. Netherlands0-0(4-2)

The World Cup
The World Cup
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