U.S. Colleges NCAA Men's Division I Champions

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U.S. Colleges NCAA Men's Division I Champions

NCAA Division I champions since the first title was contested in 1959. The championship has been shared three times-in 1967, 1968 and 1989. There was a playoff for third place from 1974-81.

Multiple winners: Saint Louis (10); Indiana (6); San Francisco and Virginia (5); UCLA (4); Clemson, Connecticut, Howard and Michigan St. (2).

Year Winner Head Coach Score Runner-up Host/Site Semifinalists
1959 Saint Louis Bob Guelker 5-2 Bridgeport Connecticut West Chester, CCNY
1960 Saint Louis Bob Guelker 3-2 Maryland Brooklyn West Chester, Connecticut
1961 West Chester Mel Lorback 2-0 Saint Louis Saint Louis Bridgeport, Rutgers
1962 Saint Louis Bob Guelker 4-3 Maryland Saint Louis Mich. St., Springfield
1963 Saint Louis Bob Guelker 3-0 Navy Rutgers Army, Maryland
1964 Navy F.H. Warner 1-0 Michigan St. Brown Army, Saint Louis
1965 Saint Louis Bob Guelker 1-0 Michigan St. Saint Louis Army, Navy
1966 San Francisco Steve Negoesco 5-2 LIU-Brooklyn California Army, Mich. St.
1967-a Michigan St. Gene Kenney 0-0 - Saint Louis LIU-Bklyn, Navy
& Saint Louis Harry Keough
1968-b Michigan St. Gene Kenney 2-2 (2 OT) - Ga. Tech Brown, San Jose St.
& Maryland Doyle Royal
1969 Saint Louis Harry Keough 4-0 San Francisco San Jose St. Harvard, Maryland
1970 Saint Louis Harry Keough 1-0 UCLA SIU-Ed'sville Hartwick, Howard
1971-c Howard Lincoln Phillips 3-2 Saint Louis Miami Harvard, San Fran.
1972 Saint Louis Harry Keough 4-2 UCLA Miami Cornell, Howard
1973 Saint Louis Harry Keough 2-1 (OT) UCLA Miami Brown, Clemson
Year Winner Head Coach Score Runner-up Host/Site Third Place
1974 Howard Lincoln Phillips 2-1 (4OT) Saint Louis Saint Louis Hartwick 3, UCLA 1
1975 San Francisco Steve Negoesco 4-0 SIU-Ed'sville SIU-Ed'sville Brown 2, Howard 0
1976 San Francisco Steve Negoesco 1-0 Indiana Penn Hartwick 4, Clemson 3
1977 Hartwick Jim Lennox 2-1 San Francisco California SIU-Ed'sville 3, Brown 2
1978-d San Francisco Steve Negoesco 4-3 (OT) Indiana Tampa Clemson 6, Phi. Textile 2
1979 SIU-Ed'sville Bob Guelker 3-2 Clemson Tampa Penn St. 2, Columbia 1
1980 San Francisco Steve Negoesco 4-3 (OT) Indiana Tampa Ala. A&M 2, Hartwick 0
1981 Connecticut Joe Morrone 2-1 (OT) Alabama A&M Stanford East. Ill. 4, Phi. Textile 2
Year Winner Head Coach Score Runner-up Host/Site Semifinalists
1982 Indiana Jerry Yeagley 2-1 (8 OT) Duke Ft. Lauderdale Connecticut, SIU-Ed'sville
1983 Indiana Jerry Yeagley 1-0 (2 OT) Columbia Ft. Lauderdale Connecticut, Virginia
1984 Clemson I.M. Ibrahim 2-1 Indiana Seattle Hartwick, UCLA
1985 UCLA Sigi Schmid 1-0 (8 OT) American Seattle Evansville, Hartwick
1986 Duke John Rennie 1-0 Akron Tacoma Fresno St., Harvard
1987 Clemson I.M. Ibrahim 2-0 San Diego St. Clemson Harvard, N. Carolina
1988 Indiana Jerry Yeagley 1-0 Howard Indiana Portland, S. Carolina
1989-e Santa Clara Steve Sampson 1-1 (2 OT) - Rutgers Indiana, Rutgers
& Virginia Bruce Arena -
1990-f UCLA Sigi Schmid 0-0 (PKs) Rutgers South Fla. Evansville, N.C. State
1991-g Virginia Bruce Arena 0-0 (PKs) Santa Clara Tampa Indiana, Saint Louis
1992 Virginia Bruce Arena 2-0 San Diego Davidson Davidson, Duke
1993 Virginia Bruce Arena 2-0 South Carolina Davidson CS-Fullerton, Princeton
1994 Virginia Bruce Arena 1-0 Indiana Davidson Rutgers, UCLA
1995WisconsinJim Launder2-0DukeRichmondPortland, Virginia
1996St. John'sDave Masur4-1Fla. InternationalRichmondCreighton, NC-Charlotte
1997UCLASigi Schmid2-0VirginiaRichmondIndiana, Saint Louis
1998IndianaJerry Yeagley 3-1StanfordRichmondMaryland, Santa Clara
1999IndianaJerry Yeagley 1-0Santa ClaraCharlotteConnecticut, UCLA
2000ConnecticutRay Reid2-0CreightonCharlotteIndiana, Southern Methodist
2001North CarolinaElmar Bolowich2-0IndianaColumbusSt. John's, Stanford
2002 UCLA Tom Fitzgerald 1-0 Stanford DallasCreighton, Maryland
2003 Indiana Jerry Yeagley 2-1 St. John's Columbus Maryland, Santa Clara
a-game declared a draw due to inclement weather after regulation time; b-game declared a draw after two overtimes; c-Howard vacated title for using ineligible player;d-San Francisco vacated title for using ineligible player; e-game declared a draw due to inclement weather after two overtimes. f-UCLA wins on penalty kicks (4-3) after four overtimes; g-Virginia wins on penalty kicks (3-1) after four overtimes.

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