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All-Around Champion Cowboy

Trevor Brazile of Decatur, Texas, successfully defended his unofficial title of world’s best cowboy and roped in his second straight All-Around Champion Cowboy belt buckle at the 2003 National Finals Rodeo held Dec. 5-14 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. The 27-year-old finished with a near-record earnings total of $294,839. Brazile is just the 10th cowboy to win back-to-back world all-around titles and did so in dominating fashion, specializing in three events (tie-down roping, team roping and steer roping). Tie-down roper, and 2001 all-around champ, Cody Ohl finished second with $222,025.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) title of all-around world champion cowboy goes to the rodeo athlete who wins the most prize money in a single year in two or more events, earning a minimum of $3,000 in each event. Only prize money earned in sanctioned PRCA rodeos is counted. From 1929-44, all-around champions were named by the Rodeo Association of America (earnings for those years are not available).

Multiple winners: Ty Murray (7); Tom Ferguson and Larry Mahan (6); Jim Shoulders (5); Joe Beaver, Lewis Feild and Dean Oliver (3); Everett Bowman, Trevor Brazile, Louis Brooks, Clay Carr, Bill Linderman, Phil Lyne, Gerald Roberts, Casey Tibbs and Harry Tompkins (2).

1929Earl Thode
1930Clay Carr
1931John Schneider
1932Donald Nesbit
1933Clay Carr
1934Leonard Ward
1935Everett Bowman
1936John Bowman
1937Everett Bowman
1938Burel Mulkey
1939Paul Carney
1940Fritz Truan
1941Homer Pettigrew
1942Gerald Roberts
1943Louis Brooks
1944Louis Brooks
1945-46 No award
Year Earnings
1947Todd Whatley$18,642
1948Gerald Roberts21,766
1949Jim Shoulders21,495
1950Bill Linderman30,715
1951Casey Tibbs29,104
1952Harry Tompkins30,934
1953Bill Linderman33,674
1954Buck Rutherford40,404
1955Casey Tibbs42,065
1956Jim Shoulders43,381
1957Jim Shoulders33,299
1958Jim Shoulders32,212
1959Jim Shoulders32,905
1960Harry Tompkins$32,522
1961Benny Reynolds31,309
1962Tom Nesmith32,611
1963Dean Oliver31,329
1964Dean Oliver31,150
1965Dean Oliver33,163
1966Larry Mahan40,358
1967Larry Mahan51,996
1968Larry Mahan49,129
1969Larry Mahan57,726
1970Larry Mahan41,493
1971Phil Lyne49,245
1972Phil Lyne60,852
1973Larry Mahan$64,447
1974Tom Ferguson66,929
1975Tom Ferguson50,300
1976Tom Ferguson87,908
1977Tom Ferguson65,981
1978Tom Ferguson83,734
1979Tom Ferguson96,272
1980Paul Tierney105,568
1981Jimmie Cooper105,861
1982Chris Lybbert123,709
1983Roy Cooper153,391
1984Dee Pickett122,618
1985Lewis Feild130,347
1986Lewis Feild$166,042
1987Lewis Feild144,335
1988Dave Appleton121,546
1989Ty Murray134,806
1990Ty Murray213,772
1991Ty Murray244,231
1992Ty Murray$225,992
1993Ty Murray297,896
1994Ty Murray246,170
1995Joe Beaver141,753
1996Joe Beaver166,103
1997Dan Mortensen184,559
1998Ty Murray$264,673
1999Fred Whitfield217,819
2000Joe Beaver225,396
2001Cody Ohl296,419
2002 Trevor Brazile273,998
2003 Trevor Brazile294,839

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