Major Fast Pitch

Major Fast Pitch

Multiple winners: Clearwater Bombers (10); Raybestos Cardinals (5); Sealmasters (4); Briggs Beautyware, Decatur Pride, Pay’n Pak and Zollner Pistons (3); Billard Barbell, Farm Tavern, Frontier Players Casino, Hammer Air Field, Kodak Park, Meierhoffer, National Health Care, Penn Corp and Peterbilt Western (2).

1933J.L. Gill Boosters, Chicago
1934Ke-Nash-A, Kenosha, WI
1935Crimson Coaches, Toledo, OH
1936Kodak Park, Rochester, NY
1937Briggs Body Team, Detroit
1938The Pohlers, Cincinnati
1939Carr's Boosters, Covington, KY
1940Kodak Park
1941Bendix Brakes, South Bend, IN
1942Deep Rock Oilers, Tulsa, OK
1943Hammer Air Field, Fresno, CA
1944Hammer Air Field
1945Zollner Pistons, Ft. Wayne, IN
1946Zollner Pistons
1947Zollner Pistons
1948Briggs Beautyware, Detroit
1949Tip Top Tailors, Toronto
1950Clearwater (FL) Bombers
1951Dow Chemical, Midland, MI
1952Briggs Beautyware
1953Briggs Beautyware
1954Clearwater Bombers
1955Raybestos Cardinals,
1956Clearwater Bombers
1957Clearwater Bombers
1958Raybestos Cardinals
1959Sealmasters, Aurora, IL
1960Clearwater Bombers
1962Clearwater Bombers
1963Clearwater Bombers
1964Burch Tool, Detroit
1966Clearwater Bombers
1968Clearwater Bombers
1969Raybestos Cardinals
1970Raybestos Cardinals
1971Welty Way, Cedar Rapids, IA
1972Raybestos Cardinals
1973Clearwater Bombers
1974Gianella Bros., Santa Rosa, CA
1975Rising Sun Hotel, Reading, PA
1976Raybestos Cardinals
1977Billard Barbell, Reading, PA
1978Billard Barbell
1979McArdle Pontiac/Cadillac,
 Midland, MI
1980Peterbilt Western, Seattle
1981Archer Daniels Midland,
 Decatur, IL
1982Peterbilt Western
1983Franklin Cardinals,
  Stratford, CA
1984California Kings, Merced, CA
1985Pay'n Pak, Seattle
1986Pay'n Pak
1987Pay'n Pak
1988TransAire, Elkhart, IN
1989Penn Corp, Sioux City, IA
1990Penn Corp
1991Gianella Bros., Rohnert Park, CA
1992National Health Care,
 Sioux City, IA
1993National Health Care
1994Decatur (IL) Pride
1995Decatur Pride
1996Green Bay All-Car,
 Green Bay, WI
1997Tampa Bay Smokers,
 Tampa Bay, FL
1998Meierhoffer-Fleeman,  St. Joseph, MO
1999Decatur Pride
2001Frontier Players Casino, St. Joseph, MO
2002Frontier Players Casino
2003 Farm Tavern, Madison, WI
2004 Farm Tavern

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