Marx Brothers

Marx Brothers



Team of film, vaudeville and Broadway comedians known for surreal humor and ground-breaking movie comedy. They soon signed up with Paramount, making The Cocoanuts (1929), Animal Crackers (1930), Monkey Business (1931), Horse Feathers (1932) and Duck Soup (1933). MGM film credits include A Night at the Opera (1935); United Artists credits include A Night in Casablanca (1946).

The troupe included


Chico Marx

(Leonard Marx)
Born: 3/22/1887
Birthplace: New York City


specialized in distorted logic and Italian-dialect routines

Died: 10/11/1961


Harpo Marx

(Adolph Marx)

Born: 11/23/1888
Birthplace: New York City


played the harp and chased girls

Died: 9/28/1964


Groucho Marx

(Julius Marx)

Born: 10/2/1890
Birthplace: New York City


bushy-browed leader of the group known for his wild wisecracks and puns. The most independently famous Marx brother, Groucho was also the most human, the one who actually seemed to have emotions. Groucho's independent career included a TV quiz show, You Bet Your Life (1950–61), and Copacabana (1947), A Girl in Every Port (1952) and Skidoo (1968).

Died: 8/19/1977


Gummo Marx

(Milton Marx)

Born: 10/23/1892
Birthplace: New York City
Died: 4/21/1977

Zeppo Marx

(Herbert Marx)

Born: 2/25/1901
Birthplace: New York City
Died: 11/30/1979



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