Tommy Lee Jones Biography

Tommy Lee Jones

Born: 9/15/1946
Birthplace: San Saba, Texas

Academy- and Emmy Award-winning film and television actor best known for his role in The Fugitive (1993) that won him the supporting actor Oscar. Texas-born, Jones majored in English at Harvard, where he roomed with Al Gore. Jones won an Emmy for his portrayal of Gary Gilmore in The Executioner's Song (1982), but didn't really come into his own until the early nineties with the role of Clay Shaw in Oliver Stone's JFK (1991). Other television credits include Lonesome Dove (1989); other film credits include Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) with Sissy Spacek, Under Siege (1992), The Client (1994) with Susan Sarandon, Men in Black (1997) with Will Smith, Double Jeopardy (1999) with Ashley Judd, and Rules of Engagement (2000) with Samuel L. Jackson.

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