Chicago White Sox 1997 Roster By Statistics

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Batting (135 AB)AvgGmABRHHRRBISB
Frank Thomas.347146530110184351251
Norberto Martin.3007121324642271
Dave Martinez.28614550478144125512
Albert Belle.27416163490174301164
Ray Durham.271155634106172115333
Lyle Mouton.2698824226655234
Robin Ventura.2625418327486260
Mike Cameron*.2591163796398145523
Jorge Fabregas.25812136033937511
Ozzie Guillen.245142490591204525
Chris Snopek.2188629827655353
Ron Karkovice.1815113810256180
Acquired: P McElroy and C Fabregas from Ana. for OF Tony Phillips and C Chad Kreuter (May 18).
Traded: P Hernandez, P Alvarez and P Darwin to SF for six minor leaguers (July 31).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW- LGmIPBBSO
Roberto Hernandez2.445-14648.02447
Matt Karchner2.913-15252.22630
Wilson Alvarez3.039-822145.255110
Chuck McElroy3.841-36175.02262
Danny Darwin4.134-821113.13162
Bill Simas4.143-14041.12438
Carlos Castillo*4.482-13766.13343
Tony Castillo4.914-46462.12342
Scott Eyre*5.044-41160.23136
James Baldwin5.2712-1532200.083140
Doug Drabek5.7412-1131169.16985
Jaime Navarro5.799-1433209.273142
Saves: Hernandez (27); Karchner (15); T. Castillo (4); C. Castillo, McElroy and Simas (1). Complete games: Alvarez and Navarro (2); Baldwin and Darwin (1). Shutouts: Alvarez (1).

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