AL Team by Team Statistics: Anaheim Angels

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Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Garret Anderson.3036247618989210
Darin Erstad.29953999161167723
Tim Salmon.29658295172331299
Jim Edmonds.2915028214626805
Dave Hollins.288572101165168516
Tony Phillips.2755349614785713
Jack Howell.259174254514341
Luis Alicea.253388599853722
Gary DiSarcina.246549521354477
Chad Kreuter.23125525595210
Acquired: P DeLucia from SF for PTBN (Apr. 14); OF Phillips and C Kreuter from ChW for P Chuck McElroy and C Jorge Fabregas (May 18); P Hill from Tex. for C Jim Leyritz and PTBN (July 29);
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Mike Holtz3.323-46643.11540
Troy Percival3.465-55552.02272
Rich DeLucia3.616-43342.12742
Pep Harris*3.625-46179.23856
Shigetoshi Hasegawa*3.933-750116.24683
Chuck Finley4.2313-625164.065155
Jason Dickson*4.2913-933203.256115
Mike James4.315-55862.22857
Ken Hill4.559-1231190.095106
Allen Watson4.9312-1235199.073141
Dennis Springer5.189-932194.27375
Darrell May*5.232-12951.22542
Mark Langston5.852-4947.22930
Matt Perisho*6.000-21145.02835
Saves: Percival (27); James (7); DeLucia (3); Holtz (2). Complete games: Finley and Springer (3); Dickson (2); Hill (1). Shutouts: Dickson, Finley and Springer (1).

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AL Team by Team Statistics
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