Fatty Arbuckle Biography

Fatty Arbuckle

(Roscoe Arbuckle)
actor, director
Born: 3/24/1877
Birthplace: Smith Center, Kansas

An obese comic actor who got his start on stage, then in one- and two-reel silent film comedies. His comedic talent flourished in spite of— rather than because of— his size, and he soon formed his own production company, hiring Buster Keaton to star in his first film, The Butcher Boy (1917). Arbuckle was soon starring in and making feature-length films, including The Roundup (1920), Brewster's Millions (1921), and Gasoline Gus (1921). His acting career was abruptly ended when he was arrested on manslaughter charges in 1921. Although acquitted after three trials, the slanderous stories spread by the Hearst newspaper syndicate so soiled his public image that he was unable to find work in front of the camera. Buster Keaton offered him directing work, for which he was credited under the pseudonym William Goodrich. In the 1930's he returned to acting, making several successful short films that led to a contract with Warner Brothers to do a feature film. Arbuckle died in his sleep the night after the contract was signed.

Died: 6/29/1933

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