Tara Gunn

Editor, Digital Content Strategist, & Project Lead | She/Her
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About Tara

Hailing from Canada, Tara is a graduate of Scotland's University of St. Andrews in creative writing, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. She joined Infoplease to explore the world further through the power of words, including historical facts, current events, and a variety of fun and engaging content like quizzes and movie quotes. Explore more of her work across Infoplease!


  • Diploma in Humanities, St. Mary's College University, Alberta
  • Double BA Classics & Humanities, University of Victoria, British Columbia
  • MFA Creative Writing, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Additional Qualifications

  • Diploma Certification in Egyptology
  • Diploma Certification in Cryptozoology

Infoplease Area of Expertise

Tara contributes her knowledge to historical timelines, arts and culture content, and interactive games on Infoplease. She also creates geography listicles and collections of must-know facts, while editing information across the entire site.

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