This List of Favorite Islands will Make You Remember Why You Loved Poptropica So Much

Updated July 27, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Travel back to your oldPoptropica fan days with this rundown of the fans' favorites

Poptropica has a special place in a lot of people's memories, especially old Poptropica. The game was created by the author of theDiary of a Wimpy Kid series,Jeff Kinney, back in 2007. A lot of our early poptropicans are now young adults. With our updated release of the game, we thought we'd go on a nostalgia trip through some of the fans' favorite Poptropica islands. And while every poptropican loves when a new island is released, there are many old school islands in early Poptropica that fans would love to take a their favorite blimp ride to.

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To get our list, we decided to read through a fair handful of fan rankings online; we looked through blogs, discussion posts, and ranking sites. We were pretty happy to see that there was a lot of variety. But, after a lot of comparing, we whittled it down to these classics:

10. Spy Island

Spy Island is home to the evil organization Bald and Dangerous (B.A.D.), who are vaporizing the hair of the local poptropicans. This classic Bond-inspired island brings some zany espionage to Poptropica. Fans wrote positively about the array of gadgets used to solve the island's puzzles.


9. Cryptids Island

On Cryptids Island, poptropicans have to try and prove the existence of some well known cryptids like the Jersey Devil, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabra. Fans praised the art for the monsters, and the fun low-stakes mystery of finding them.

8. Astro Knights Island

This sci-fi medieval mashup pitted players against Mordred, a scientist banished from the kingdom of Arturus for his experiments with robots. The character Mordred proved very popular with players, and he even recurred in later islands due to his popularity.

7. Time Tangled Island

Time Tangled Island was one of the olderislands, but it had some long-lasting popularity. On Time Tangled Island a time machine accident screws up history, and players have to travel to various points in history to set things right. The fans we saw online all seemed to like the island's wide variety of times and places.

6. Game Show Island

Game Show Island was once home to a population of robots made to compete on game shows for our amusement. Now they're in charge, until the players can prove their stuff by winning a series of game show parodies. We found a lot of love for the various minigames on this island, modeled after Wipeout, Jeopardy, and more.


5. Mystery Train Island

The Mystery Train, a later addition to Poptropica, was a classic closed-door mystery en route to the Chicago World's Fair. This mystery, features appearances by many famous historical figures, to add a bit more spice. Mystery fans seemed to especially like this one, as it appeared near the top of a lot of lists.

4. Mythology Island

This Greek mythology-themed island sent players on a quest through mythic locales like the labyrinth of Knossos, meeting figures like Poseidon and Hercules. A lot of people liked the big personalities of the gods and heroes, with some memorable moments for Hercules and for Zeus. The lord of Olympus would also prove popular, and show up again elsewhere in Poptropica.

3. Reality T.V. Island

Reality T.V. Island pits players against a cast of rivals on a Survivor-inspired reality show. According to at least some fans, this was one of the harder islands, with a wide range of minigames to beat before claiming the medallion. Players who like that varied gameplay seem to like this island.

2. Ghost Story Island

Ghost Story Island brings players to the town of Hemlock Harbor, a spooky town in coastal New England. There, they have to hunt the ghosts that haunt the harbor and try to figure out the mystery behind their specter problem. Fans praised the creepy atmosphere and the mystery's big conclusion.

1. Counterfeit Island

Counterfeit Island is home to an art museum that's having some problems with thieves and counterfeiters. Players have to solve the mysteries plaguing the museum, while learning a bit about art (and counterfeits) along the way. Counterfeit Island was the only island to show up on every list we looked at--a verified classic.