Conversion of Universal Time (UT) to Civil Time

Updated June 26, 2019 | Infoplease Staff
00 *8P *7P *6P *5P *4P
01 *9P *8P *7P *6P *5P
02 *10P *9P *8P *7P *6P
03 *11P *10P *9P *8P *7P
04 M *11P *10P *9P *8P
05 1A M *11P *10P *9P
06 2A 1A M *11P *10P
07 3A 2A 1A M *11P
08 4A 3A 2A 1A M
09 5A 4A 3A 2A 1A
10 6A 5A 4A 3A 2A
11 7A 6A 5A 4A 3A
12 8A 7A 6A 5A 4A
13 9A 8A 7A 6A 5A
14 10A 9A 8A 7A 6A
15 11A 10A 9A 8A 7A
16 N 11A 10A 9A 8A
17 1P N 11A 10A 9A
18 2P 1P N 11A 10A
19 3P 2P 1P N 11A
20 4P 3P 2P 1P N
21 5P 4P 3P 2P 1P
22 6P 5P 4P 3P 2P
23 7P 6P 5P 4P 3P
NOTES: * denotes previous day. N = noon. M = midnight.
1. Eastern Daylight Time.
2. Eastern Standard Time, same as Central Daylight Time.
3. Central Standard Time, same as Mountain Daylight Time.
4. Mountain Standard Time, same as Pacific Daylight Time.
5. Pacific Standard Time.

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