Most and Least Fuel Efficient Vehicles, 2005

Most fuel efficient
Overall: Honda Insight16166
Two seater: Honda Insight16166
Minicompact car: MINI Cooper12836
Subcompact car: VW New Beetle (diesel)13846
Compact car: Honda Civic Hybrid24847
Midsize car: Toyota Prius (hybrid)26051
Large car: Toyota Avalon22231
Small station wagon: Volkswagen Jetta Wagon (diesel)13643
Midsize station wagon: Volkswagen Passat Wagon (diesel)22738
Pickup truck (tie): Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD1 and Mazda B2300 2WD12429
Sport utility vehicle: Ford Escape HEV 2WD23631
Minivan: Honda Odyssey 2WD22028
Passenger van (tie): Chevrolet Astro 2WD2 and GMC Safari 2WD21621
Cargo van (tie): Chevrolet Astro 2WD2 and GMC Safari 2WD21622
Least fuel efficient
Two seater: Lamborghini L-147 Murcielago1913
Minicompact car (tie): Aston Martin DB9 Volante1 and V12 Vanquish S21117
Subcompact car: Maserati Coupe & Gransport1,21217
Compact car: Bentley Continental GT21118
Midsize car: Bentley Arnage21014
Large car: Bentley Arnage LWB21014
Small station wagon: Audi S4 Avant 4WD11521
Midsize station wagon: Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Wagon21521
Pickup truck: Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup 2WD2912
Sport utility vehicle: Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG 4WD21214
Minivan: Kia Sedona21622
Passenger van: Ford E150 Club Wagon RWD21317
Cargo van (tie): Chevrolet Astro AWD,2 Ford E150 Econoline 2WD,2 and GMC Safari AWD21417
1. Manual
2. Automatic


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