Say It with Flowers

Updated June 26, 2019 | Infoplease Staff

If you send someone a single rose you are sending a message of love. You can send all kinds of messages with flowers. Florigraphy is the language of flowers. Hundreds of flowers and trees have been given meanings and here are some of them.

Flower/Tree Meaning
American Elm Patriotism
American Linden Matrimony
Anemone Expectation
Apple Temptation
Arborvitae Unchanging friendship
Ash Tree Grandeur
Aspen Tree Lamentation
Azalea Temperance
Beech Tree Prosperity
Birch Tree Meekness
Bluebell Constancy
Buttercup Ingratitude
Chamomille Energy in adversity
Candytuft Indifference
Carnation (Red) Alas! My poor heart!
Cedar Strength
Cherry Tree Good education
Chrysanthemum Slighted love
Clematis Mental beauty
Coreopsis Always cheerful
Cyclamen Shyness
Cypress Mourning
Dandelion Wisdom
Daffodil Regard
Daisy We feel the same
Dogwood Durability
Elm Dignity
Fig Tree Prolific
Forget-me-not True love
Fuchsia Taste
Geranium Comfort
Hollyhock Ambition
Honeysuckle Generosity
Horse Chestnut Luxury
Hydrangea Heartlessness
Iris Power
Ivy Fidelity
Juniper Protection
Lilac First Love
Lily of the Valley Return of joy
Locust Elegance
Lupine Imagination
Magnolia Love of nature
Morning Glory Affectation
Mulberry Wisdom
Nasturtium Patience
Oak Tree Hospitality
Orange Tree Generosity
Pear Tree Comfort
Plum Tree Fidelity
Poplar Courage
Rose Love
Sunflower Haughtiness
Sweet Pea Delicate pleasure
Sycamore Curiosity
Tulip Fame
Violet Faithfulness
Walnut Tree Intellect
Weeping Willow Mourning
Zinnia Absent friends

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