Enrico Fermi Award

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The $100,000 award is given in recognition of scientific and technical achievement in atomic energy. Awarded by the president, it is the U.S. government's oldest science and technology award.

1954 Enrico Fermi
1956 John von Neumann
1957 Ernest O. Lawrence
1958 Eugene P. Wigner
1959 Glenn T. Seaborg
1961 Hans A. Bethe
1962 Edward Teller
1963 J. Robert Oppenheimer
1964 Hyman G. Rickover
1966 Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner, and Fritz Strassman
1968 John A. Wheeler
1969 Walter H. Zinn
1970 Norris E. Bradbury
1971 Shields Warren and Stafford L. Warren
1972 Manson Benedict
1976 William L. Russell
1978 Harold M. Agnew and Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky
1980 Alvin M. Weinberg and Rudolf E. Peirls
1981 W. Bennett Lewis
1982 Herbert Anderson and Seth Neddermeyer
1983 Alexander Hollaender and John Lawrence
1984 Robert R. Wilson and Georges Vendryès
1985 Norman C. Rasmussen and Marshall N. Rosenblath
1986 Ernest D. Courant and M. Stanley Livingston
1987 Luis W. Alvarez and Gerald F. Tape
1988 Richard B. Setlow and Victor F. Weisskopf
1990 George A. Cowan and Robley D. Evans
1992 Leon M. Lederman, Harold Brown, and John S. Foster, Jr.
1993 Freeman J. Dyson and Liane B. Russell
1995 Ugo Fano and Martin Kamen
1996 Richard Garwin, Mortimer Elkind, and H. Rodney Withers
1998 Maurice Goldhaber and Michael E. Phelps
2000 Sidney Drell, Sheldon Datz, and Herbert York
2003 John N. Bahcall, Raymond Davis, Jr., and Seymour Sack
2005 Arthur H. Rosenfeld

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