Aliza's Time Travel Essay

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Aliza imagines life in the year 2108


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Aliza is a fifth-grade student at Rockport Elementary School in Massachusetts. She wrote this essay about time travel.

Dear Diary,

The strangest thing happened today. I was sick in bed and suddenly the earth started spinning faster and faster. A tornado hit, I think, because the next minute I was soaring in the sky twirling up towards space. The noise of wind zooming by my ear made me realize I was flying through space. That must be Saturn, I said, with all its rings. I was about to reach the Moon, floating all the way then I got pulled back to Earth fast (and I mean fast) like a bungee cord. Then I landed. I was dizzy, but when I came to I realized I was in the middle of a new looking neighborhood.

I looked around. I was standing in the middle of the road and a car was coming by. Then it stopped on the side of the road I was on, on it said 2108! "What! I must have missed 100 years!!" I screamed. The window of the car rolled to the side. There was a human-like robot driving the car. Car? It was not a car. It was a car shaped vehicle with three large spheres instead of wheels. Three of those were on its flat underside. "What are you driving" I asked the driver. "A DFSFSPC 2100 naturally, everyone has one," he said in such a human like voice I wouldn't have known he was a robot. "What is a FDGCYZX 2102?" I asked suspiciously. "Huh, oh you mean a DFSFSPC 2100! It stands for Driving, Flying, Swimming, Floating Soda Powered Car. See!" He said while pushing a few buttons. Then I stepped away from the car. It now looked different. It had a helicopter propeller to fly, two fins that move when you are swimming, and no wheels but a round bottom for floating. The robot jumped out of the car and dashed to a tall hollow pole at the back end of the car. He tapped it and opened the trunk at the back of the car. He grabbed a bottle labeled soda and started to pour it in. While doing so he explained how the soda made the car work. But I forget all that stuff because I almost fell asleep while he was talking. It was that boring. I thanked the driver and he drove down the winding road mumbling as he went. That was when I realized what was around me.

Large houses surrounded me in all directions. I could hear a saw going on and chopping down a tree nearby. The forests were vanishing by the second. Urrr, I whipped around quickly to see the flat roof of a house open up to a cone shape. Then I turned around just in time to see another flat roof drape into the walls like a curtain, until there was not a top at all. A helicopter would be able to see the top floor of the house. I watched in amazement while the hot sun glared at us as we are deflating the ozone layer.

From my job in 2008 I knew a little bit about ice cream scooping. So I decided to find a nearby ice cream shop. I walked about an hour till I found the downtown and asked a total stranger where the nearby ice cream shop was. He was surprised I had asked. "Oh, Daisy's delicious ice cream. It's that way!" I thanked him and headed in the direction he had pointed. After a little while I found it, the shop had a red roof like they have in Spain, a small wooden porch with two chairs and a table watching me climb the creaking stairs. I looked on the wall under the window at a sign that read "Help Wanted" in big red letters. I walked in and heard the floorboards creak under my toes as I approached the cash register. A large round man stood watching me come closer to him, his hair was like cotton candy flowing in all directions. With his cheery smile on his round face he asked me "what can I do for you ma'am?" I told him about how I needed a job. He told me how everything worked and then left.

I was alone most of the time, but as it started to get dark a group of 10 robots came to get ice cream for their owners. Soon the broad shouldered owner came back. He paid me my wage of $50. Wow, I thought, I don't have that much money in 2008. I walked down the street until I found an old wrinkled and dirty handkerchief. I decided to place my sacred money in it. So off I walked and came upon a group of angry robots. They formed a circle around me until I was surrounded. The head robot looked at me in the eyes and said, "Do you know what you've done to the earth?" "No sir," I said in my meek little voice. He told me about global warming and how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I was clutching onto the hanky the whole time. He told me to go home and tell my century to do the three Rs or else he'll come to my century and kidnap me for experiments. He told me to hold a wand he handed me and say "I will save the planet" three times. Suddenly the earth started to rotate in the opposite direction, turning faster than I came. In seconds I was back on earth coughing in my bed as sick as I was when I left. Then I looked in my hand, I still had the handkerchief in one hand with all the money still in it.

When I feel better I'm going to put out posters about how to save the ozone layer and do the three Rs. I will make sure that the world will look better than when I came. I will never forget that day.


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