Real Estate Developer

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

Gregg Bradbury

Tell us about your work -- what do you do? Real estate developer of land , office buildings, hotels, apartments, and assisted living. Purchase the land , then entitle the zoning that is required and the land is either then sold or the buildings are built. The buildings can either be owned and held for long term investment, sold to an investor or joint ventured with partners. If the buildings are held, then they must be leased and operated to maintain value. What skills are needed? Strong financial background , real estate courses on development , construction , architecture , engineering , land planning , financing , city approval processing and entitlements . What was your major? Accounting How did you get started in your career? CPA with Deloitte and Touch for 8 years for the financial background with real estate clients. Then went to work for real estate developer and learned on the job. What experience do you need in this job? Financial and real estate degree from a good college; strong people and negotiating skills ; good organizational skills. Describe your "typical" workday: On the phone or in meetings constantly and dealing with people, trying to get them to do what you need done in timely fashion. What is the hardest aspect of your job? Orchestrating all the individuals required to get a project done correctly and within the time frame necessary to make all parties to the development team work together. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? Being at the helm of the ship and directing everyone's effort to get a project done on time and within budget. What are your suggestions for someone considering this field? Strong college education in finance, real estate, managing people, negotiating and organizational skills. Offer to intern at a real estate development firm. Work at a real estate development firm or CPA firm (if your major is finance) as a first job. It will take 3-5 years before you know the complete tasks required. A project can take a minimum of 2 years to get zoned, planned, developed, and leased.
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