5 Best Tourist Spots for Landscape Architecture in Australia 

Updated November 1, 2022 | Jerry Byrd
Australia landscape
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Nature is already gifted with a lot of wonderful sights and spots. Exclusive and remarkable spots attract visitors from distant places of the world. You can make a simple landscape unique with the help of landscape architecture.

Tourist spots need to be maintained perfectly with unique designs and landscape architectural designs. It provides a wonderful view to tourists and visitors. You should search for the best landscapers in Sydney to get the ultimate output. Landscape designers and architects have a creative outlook toward nature. 

Modern decor in natural designs with a perfect look creates a landscape that merges with nature. These eco-friendly designs inspire an individual to spend some peaceful time in nature. It keeps the garden clean and tidy with a magical view of natural garden decor. 

Here are some beautiful tourist spots that gather all the attention of the country or world. The landscaping companies in Sydney are making efforts to make the cities more beautiful through landscaping. 

1. Centenary Square

You can see a beautiful view of Centenary Square which forms the central area of a former suburb that merged with Sydney some time ago. The design of the art fountain illuminates the colorful lights with water at night.

The water fountain looks amazing and is turned off for other occasional events in the city. The spot is also used for concerts, games, and markets. You can see a perfect blend of fixed and mobile furniture here which is adaptable for every activity. 

2. One Central Park

Central Park has uniquely wonderful landscape architecture. You’ll be amazed by the intersection of architecture and the eye-catching beauty of the park.

One Central Park is the largest vertical garden and its total area is to be mentioned around 1200 square meters. Australia promotes living architecture to prevent disastrous calamities as they deal with the problem of scarce water and energy resources. 

3. The National Arboretum

Australia works against the threat of animal extinction and loss of habitat. The Arboretum was built after the numerous fire attacks on Australia’s unique forest. You will get the 100 different endangered tree species here.

The project focuses on or highlights biodiversity issues, environmental concerns, and sustainability. Landscape architecture is well maintained with a lot of trees available in the garden.

4. Royal Botanic Gardens in Australia

Royal botanic garden is the first botanical garden dedicated to Australian native flora. More than 25 hectares of land is covered with 170,000 plants within landscape-themed areas. The botanic garden has outstanding physical boundaries and a red sand garden that creates a perfect beautiful view. 

5. Caulfield Campus Green at Monash University

Education can be an immersive experience here and you will notice that the environment is so quiet and landscape architecture makes the experience more enticing. Any passerby or tourist can visit the place and observe the best surroundings that are the center of attraction. The landscape design and colorful social designs are quite beautiful in this particular place. 

Landscape Architectural Design Ideas

Landscape designs and architecture are art and can be prepared with the help of professionals. Their creative ideas are outstanding and you cannot match the distinctive quality of the experienced landscapers. If you desire to get landscape designs for your residential or commercial area, consult the best design ideas from an experienced landscape architect. 

You can explore the best tourist spots that highlight landscape architecture to get an idea of the creativity and imagination of landscape professionals. Every place has a different specialty that can be transformed into a great design with some maintenance and care. Hire professionals for landscaping maintenance in Sydney. 

—Jerry Byrd

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