Considérant, Victor Prosper

Considérant, Victor Prosper vēktôrˈ prōspârˈ kôNsēdāräNˈ [key], 1808–93, French socialist; follower of Charles Fourier. In 1837, at the death of Fourier, he became the acknowledged leader of Fourierism. He edited Fourierist newspapers, including the Philanstère and the Phalange, and published works on the subject, notably a digest of Fourier's writings, Destinée sociale (2d ed. 1847–49). As a member of the national assembly, he took part in the June Days insurrection (1848) and was forced to leave Paris and live in Belgium. At the request of Albert Brisbane, Considérant tried unsuccessfully to establish (1855–57) a Fourierist colony in Texas. His several books include Principes du socialisme (1847), an argument favoring Fourierism over other kinds of socialism.

See biography by M. Dommanget (1929).

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