Veltman, Martinus Justinus Godefriedus

Veltman, Martinus Justinus Godefriedus, 1931–2021, Dutch physicist (Univ. of Utrecht, Ph.D., 1963). Veltman was a professor at the Univ. of Utrecht from 1966 to 1981; prior to taking a post there, he had worked at CERN and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. He joined the faculty at the Univ. of Michigan in 1981 and was named professor emeritus upon his retirement in 1996, but he subsequently lived in the Netherlands. Veltman shared the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics with his former graduate student Gerardus 't Hooft for work in the 1960s and 1970s that enabled physicists to predict mathematically the properties of subatomic particles and of the forces that hold these particles together.

See his Diagrammatica (1994), Reflections on the Higgs System (1997), Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics (2003).

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