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Useful analytical guides to the vast body of literature on Great Britain are G. R. Elton, Modern Historians on British History, 1485–1945: A Critical Bibliography, 1945–1969 (1971) and P. Catterall, British History, 1945–1987: An Annotated Bibliography (1991). For the different periods, see G. Davies, Bibliography of British History: Stuart Period, 1603–1714 (1928; 2d ed., ed. by M. F. Keeler, 1970); C. L. Mowat, Great Britain since 1914 (1971); E. B. Graves, ed., Bibliography of English History to Fourteen Eighty-five (1975); H. J. Hanham, ed., Bibliography of British History Eighteen Fifty-one to Nineteen Fourteen (1976); C. Read, Bibliography of British History: Tudor Period, 1485–1603 (2d ed. 1959, repr. 1978).

For a standard general history, see Sir George Clark, ed., The Oxford History of England (2d ed., 16 vol., 1937–91). Other useful sources of information include: UK: The Official Yearbook of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, published annually by the British government since 1948 (before 2002 entitled Britain: An Official Handbook); D. Keir, The Constitutional History of Modern Britain since 1485 (9th ed. 1969); P. Mathias, The First Industrial Nation: An Economic History of Britain, 1700–1914 (1969); G. S. Graham, A Concise History of the British Empire (1971); F. E. Halliday, A Concise History of England (1980); E. B. Fryde et al., Handbook of British Chronology (3d ed. 1986, repr. 1996); F. M. L. Thompson, ed., The Cambridge Social History of Britain, 1750–1950 (1990); N. Davies, The Isles: A History (2000); S. Schama, A History of Britain (3 vol., 2000–2003); P. Ackroyd, Foundation (2012), Tudors (2013), and Rebellion (2014).

See also C. B. Cox and A. E. Dyson, ed., The Twentieth-Century Mind: History, Ideas and Literature in Britain (3 vol., 1972); C. Barnett, The Collapse of British Power (1972, repr. 1986); R. J. Johnston and J. C. Doornkamp, ed., The Changing Geography of the United Kingdom (1982); T. O. Lloyd, Empire to Welfare State: English History, 1906–1985 (1986); H. Joshi, ed., The Changing Population of Britain (1989); J. Mohan, ed., The Political Geography of Contemporary Britain (1989); A. Selkirk, The Riches of British Archaeology (1989); A. G. Champion and A. R. Townsend, Contemporary Britain: A Geographical Perspective (1990); A. Cairncross, The British Economy since 1945 (1992); M. Kishlansky, A Monarchy Transformed: Britain 1603–1714 (1997); H. Young, This Blessed Plot: Britain and Europe from Churchill to Blair (1999); P. J. Cain and A. G. Hopkins, British Imperialism, 1688–2000 (2003); H. Kearney, The British Isles: A History of Four Nations (2d ed., 2006); T. Claydon, Europe and the Making of England, 1660–1760 (2007); P. Addison, No Turning Back (2010); B. Cunliffe, Britain Begins (2013); D. Cannadine, Victorious Century: The United Kingdom, 1800–1906 (2018).

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