Tatra –trəz [key], Pol. and Slovak Tatry, highest group of the Carpathian mountain system, in E central Europe. The High Tatra (Slovak Vysoké Tatry, Pol. Tatry Wysokie) extends c.40 mi (60 km) along the Polish-Slovakian border; its highest peak, Gerlachovský (8,711 ft/2,655 m) is in Slovakia. The Low Tatra, Slovak Nízké Tatry, lies entirely in Slovakia; it rises to 6,702 ft (2,043 m) in the Dumbier. The extensively glaciated mountains have numerous lakes, moraines, and hanging valleys. Tatra National Park (est. 1948) extends on both sides of the international border. The region's scenic beauty and excellent ski slopes have made it a year-round resort area. Vysoké Tatry, in Slovakia, and Zakopane, Poland, are the chief resort centers.

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