Neisse nīs´ə [key], two rivers of SW Poland. The Glatzer Neisseglät´sər [key], Pol. Nysa Kłodzka, c.120 mi (190 km) long, rises in the Sudetes, SW Poland, and winds generally NE past Kłodzko to the Oder River near Brzeg. A large dam at Otmuchow serves hydroelectric and irrigation projects. The Lausitzer Neisselou´zĭt˝sər [key] or Lusatian Neisselo͞osā´shən [key], Czech Lužická Nisa, Pol. Nysa Łużycka, c.140 mi (230 km) long, rises in the Sudetes, N central Czech Republic, and flows generally N to the Oder River near Guben, Germany. Since 1945 it has formed part of the border between Germany and Poland. Görlitz, Germany, is the chief city on the river. It is also known as Görlitzer Neisse.

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