Iowa, state, United States: Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Area, 56,290 sq mi (145,791 sq km). Pop. (2020) 3,155,070, a 3.6% increase since the 2010 census. As of the 2020 census, the state's population was: White alone, 90.6%; Black alone, 4.1%; Hispanic or Latino, 6.3%; American Indian and Alaska native alone, 0.5%; Asian alone, 2.7%; Two or More Races, 2%. Capital and largest city, Des Moines. Statehood, Dec. 28, 1846 (29th state). Highest pt., 1,670 ft (509 m), Osceola co.; lowest pt., Mississippi River, 480 ft (146 m). Nickname, Hawkeye State. Motto, Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain. State bird, Eastern goldfinch. State flower, wild rose. State tree, oak. Abbr., IA

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