Pripyat prē´pyətyə [key] or Pripet prĭ´pĕt [key], Pol. Prypeć, river, c.440 mi (710 km) long, rising NW of Kovel, NW Ukraine, near the Polish border, and flowing generally E through the Pripyat Marshes, S Belarus, into the Dnieper River in NE Ukraine. Navigable below Pinsk, it is connected by canals with the Western Bug River (forming part of the Vistula-Dnieper waterway) and with the Neman River. The Pripyat Marshes are a forested, swampy area (c.38,000 sq mi/98,400 sq km) extending along the Pripyat River and its tributaries from Brest in the west to Mogilev in the northeast and Kiev in the southeast. With a dense network of rivers, lakes, and canals, the marshes are largely coextensive with the Polesye lowland. Drainage of the swamps was begun c.1870 the eastern part is now used for pasturage and cultivation (especially potatoes). The marshes are also called the Pinsk Marshes.

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